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Sterilizing your Pet

This segment will go over all aspects or Sterilizng your pet

What is a Neuter/Spay

What is the difference between Neuter and Spay!

Is there any other ways to sterilize my pet?

Why should I Neuter/Spay my pet?

Where can I get my animal Sterilized?

What does it cost to Sterilize my pet?

Does this procedure hurt my pet?

Why do we sterilize all pets?

A Neuter/Spay is a surgical procedure performed by a veterinarian that will sterilize your pet. This procedure is done to prevent your animal from impregnating or becoming impregnated by other pets. 

The different procedure depends on your animals sex. Male dogs and cats get Neutered, while female dogs and cats get Spayed.

The answer is Yes in most areas and only for male dogs! The procedure is called "Zeuter!" Zeuter is a chemical sterilization only for Male dogs. This procedure is a shot given to a male that is FDA Approved sterilization. Please ask your veterinarian about Zeutering your Pet. 

Currently as you read this segment many areas are over populated with pets. 

Over population occurs by many ways

-when pets are free to breed as they wish. 

-Through irresponsible pet Breeders.

-Through parents of animals that wish to make a profit from the pups or kittens(also known as backyard breeders).

-Through irresponsible pet owners that let their unsterilized pets roam free. 

just to name a few. 

 You as a pet owner can help stop over this over population by becoming a responsible pet owner, by sterilizing your pet.

Your Veterinarian can assist you in getting your animal sterilized! Also there has been many cities, companies and clinics that assist in low/cost sterilization. You may also wish to contact your local animal control office; your local rescue group can also assist you in locating a clinic to sterilize your animal.  You may also view our calendar on our main page for low cost sterilization events in our area.

Each Veterinarian has there own pricing for sterilization. Also be advised due to surgical procedures your animal will go through for the procedure, before and after care may be different for each animal and age of animal. Always ask your Veterinarian!

All Medical procedure may cause pain and discomfort at the beginning of the healing process. This is to be expected! But after the healing process is completed, having your pet sterilized, your pet will have no more pain, then as before the procedure. It is always recommended to speak with your veterinarian for any concerning signs of pain or discomfort

Hooks Home Bound Rescue sterilizes all pets that come through our rescue to help fight over population! We understand that each pet may be special, but we also know that in being special each animal has its own unique traits and we wish this animal to keep its traits special to them. We encourage you to assist us in fighting this overpopulation and irresponsible breeding of our precious pets by Neutering and Spaying your pet TODAY!