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Micro-Chip your pet to help save it when it is lost.

This segment will go over everything you need to know about micro-chipping and also what micro chip companies we use!

What is a Micro-chip and what does it do?

Does a Micro-chip hurt my pet?

Where are Micro-Chips normally found?

Where can I get a Micro-Chip for my pets?

Does micro-chipping cost a lot of money?

After I get my pet Micro-Chipped what should I do?

How do you get a Micro-chip read?

Why does Hooks Home Bound Rescue use Micro-Chips?

A Micro-Chip for animals is about 12mm long. Making it about the size of a grain of Rice! 

It is a transponder that does not need batteries to send information to the receiver. 

This chip is a permanent fixture placed in animals to help Identify the animal and the owner. 

Just like your pet is unique, each chip placed in each animal has its own unique identifying number. This number links all the information that you would need to identify and contact the owner of that pet.

Micro-chips do not hurt your pet. There may be a slight pinch on your pet when inserting the chip, But since the chip is so small your pet will not even notice it is inside them!

Micro-Chips in pets are normally found on the back between the front shoulder blades! Be warned as age gets older of your pet the Micro chip may travel around your pets back! So if scanning an animal for a chip make sure you scan the whole animal!

With the many companies available for Micro-chipping your pet, we recommend speaking to your veterinarian about ordering and inserting a micro-chip. There are many Shelters and Rescue groups available to assist in getting a chip for your pet as well. 

No Micro-Chipping your pet does not cost a lot of money. We have seen organizations do free to low cost Micro-chip insertions. Be advised each company or Brand of Micro-Chip has their own registration fees.

After your pet is Micro-chipped it is recommended that you register your chip with the company that had made your chip! When you register your chip your animal will be able to find its way home to you when lost. We also recommend ordering a tag to place on your pets collar to say that your pet is micro-chipped. 

Most Veterinarians, shelters and some pet store have a receiver that can read almost every micro-chip in each pet. With this receiver, some times called a "wand," the operator will scan the animal for a chip. The wand may beep if a chip is found and the information needed to contact the owner will be available to the operator.

Currently at this time Hooks Home Bound Rescue uses multiple companies to process their Micro-Chips. (This does not mean that one company is better then another.) We Micro-Chip all our Pets to ensure the pets can be returned to us, the foster, or the Adopter if at any time they become lost!!! Micro-Chipping also helps identify the specific animal inside our rescue! We encourage you to Micro-Chip your pet as well! The recovery chances of recovering a pet that is Micro-Chipped is about 75% better then an animal that is not Micro-Chipped!