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Licensing Your Pet!

Each State, County, or City may have their own laws on Licensing so please check your area for your local law.

This segment will go over why licensing is important! 

What is a License?

Why should I license My pet?

What are the fees associated with Licensing my pet?

How do I  get a License for my pet?

An animal License may be required in some areas that the animal lives in. This License is a registration to the city, county or jurisdiction that the animal is housed in its area. A License helps that animal return home if the animal becomes lost. It is considered a proof of ownership for the animal by the city, county or jurisdiction. When registering your license each animal will receive its own number from the area it lives and you as the owner will receive ID tags to place on the animals collar. 

When you license your pet you are claiming the animal belongs to you! When you license, as well you will be able to assist your pet to come home if your pet becomes lost.

Each city, county and jurisdiction has their own fees associated with licensing, so please check your local city ordinances. Also each city, county or jurisdiction, may impose different fees if your pet is Neutered or Spayed. Usually if your pet is Neutered or Spayed your licensing fees will decrease.

Each city has their own Licensing process as well. Sometime you may be able to search for the license application online. Other times you may have to go directly to the city or county offices. We recommend beginning your search; if unable to find your city, county, or jurisdiction application online; with your local animal control office. Also, in smaller jurisdictions you may be able to pick up your license application at your local police department.